Spartan Families Wine Group Tasting - April 6th, 2024

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2021 "MEZZO PIANO" Los Carneros, Napa Valley Pinot Noir

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$65 Retail / $48.75 Today


2021 THE ORGANIST - Napa Valley Red Blend

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$85 Retail / $63.75 Today


2019 CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Nun's Canyon Vineyard

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Matthew Dempsey Winery at the Northernmost edge of Los Carneros in Napa Valley

Apx. 200-400 cases produced annually 


Winery During Harvest and Aging 


All wines are aged in 70-100% New, exceptionally rare Darnajou, St. Julien, or Colbert Forrest French Oak Barrels


Hillside Pinot Noir Vineyard SW Block (Atlas Peak in the distance)


Hillside Pinot Noir Vineyard NE Block just after winer pruning, days before bud break


Harvested Merlot (A&D Vineyard) and Cabernet Sauvignon (Beckstoffer GIII) 


Sorting and destemming grapes to remove leaves and bad cluster/grapes


Punch Down vs. Pumpover during fermentation.

Pumpover is used 80% of the time as it is more gentle on extraction and incorporates oxygen into the fermentation, reducing stress on the yeast.


 Inside a New Darnajou French Oak Barrel about to be filled with Cabernet that just completed fermentation. 


Blending the 2021 THE ORGANIST and Cabernet Sauvignon.

L to R: Lolo Enriquez, Matthew Dempsey


Matthew Dempsey Wines Signature Collection

Label design by Matthew Dempsey. Each bottle is hand labeled.

Labels are crafted in pewter and semi precious metals in Bordeaux France.


Thank you for your enjoyment & support!

Cheers from Napa Valley,

Matthew Seán Dempsey

Proprietor & Winemaker